I always look forward to Shannon's classes. As a teacher, she's very much like she is as a person. She's a naturally reflective and thoughtful person, which really benefits her students. But she's also lighthearted, creative and fun. The result is that she leads a very well-balanced practice that's genuinely engaging on various levels. I typically leave her classes drenched and spent, yet also refreshed and upbeat. I practice regularly and yet in her class, I never find myself feeling bored or just "trying to get through it." I just enjoy.

What sets Shannon apart from some "athletic" teachers is that for her, yoga isn't just another type of class she can teach. It's her passion and it trickles down to every student in her class.

Heather Gibson


Shannon is such a gifted teacher. She always finds ways of making her classes unique, challenging and most importantly, safe.  She brings energy and warm-heartedness to her classes and gives each student individual attention by offering modifications and hands on adjustments.  You leave her class feeling lighter, more centered and best of all - happy.

Tami Klein

Professional Photographer


I've seen Shannon grow as a yoga instructor since the beginning. She always pays great attention to her students and often introduces new refreshing sequences in her class. She is extremely friendly, approachable, and has in depth knowledge on yoga poses and modifications. I always look forward to her class whenever she is teaching!

Jay‚Ä® Yang

Scientific Advisor at Singer Instruments


I have watched Shannon evolve as a yoga teacher. One thing that is very hard to find in an instructor is someone who has the ability to teach and still grow him or herself within the practice. She provides great alternative poses, knows how to help you keep focused, works with you toward your goals and most defiantly has the ability to introduce you the #sweat life!


CEO & Founder of Memory Mats


Shannon is a dedicated yoga teacher that puts time and effort into her teaching to help her students to learn, grow and feel supported. Her classes are alignment-focused, mindful and strong. Highly recommended!

Chantal Wade

Yoga/Pilates Instructor and Executive Director of Yoga Unite