Yoga for Strength

In addition to achieving flexibility, this program will target specific areas of your body through your practice to strengthen and tone. Poses that target your arms, shoulders, core and legs will be incorporated. The pace of your class will increase your heart rate and make you sweat. This class is excellent if your physical activity is limited to your yoga practice alone or if you simply need a new approach.

Yoga for Flexibility

Practicing yoga regularly will create more flexibility and mobility in your body. Perhaps it's been awhile since you've had a regular routine. Maybe you have an injury or physical condition that has been debilitating. Or you are an athlete, a runner or weight trainer and you need a program to complement these strenuous workouts. In this class you will release tension and find space in your quads, hamstrings, back, hips, shoulders and spine. 

Yoga for Beginners

Perhaps you've done yoga here and there or maybe you have absolutely no idea what to expect. Regardless, this program will introduce you to yoga. You will learn the correct alignment, names and modifications of poses. You will become aware of your body and mind. You will learn to better the quality of your breath. Most importantly, you will learn which style of yoga helps you feel your absolute best.


Private & Small Group Yoga

You are welcome to experience your practice on-site at Yonge and Bloor where you can practice privately in a studio atmosphere and have access to showers and change rooms. Alternatively, your practice can be held off-site for your convenience at your home, condo facility or office.

Corporate & Office Yoga

Purusha offers corporate clients a yoga experience that is convenient and beneficial to all participants by offering a welcome and healthy escape from work. Classes are delivered to your workplace where you can expect to reduce stress, relieve tension, increase your energy and find mental clarity before returning to work or to conclude a long workday.

Condo Yoga

Purusha will deliver group classes to your condo and be available for private bookings with residents on-site.


Private & Small Group

Consultation: Free

Single Onsite: $135 

Single Offsite: $150

10 Pack Onsite: $1100

10 Pack Offsite: $1300

Small Group Onsite: $150 for 2 people + $10 / head for each additional person

Small Group Offsite: $175 for 2 people + $10 / head for each additional person

Corporate & Office Yoga

Consultation: Free

Single: $150 + $10 / head over 8 people

10 Pack: $1400

Condo Yoga

Consultation: Free

Price will vary dependent on services needed. Class rate will be determined by frequency, location and number of people.