What are the benefits of Yoga ?


Yoga improves your overall wellbeing. A regular practice improves flexibility, balance and strength. It also promotes core strength and cardiovascular endurance. You will experience increased energy levels, improved immune function and better digestion. Yoga is effective in weight management as it not only burns calories but also promotes body awareness. You will naturally feel the urge and motivation to better your eating habits and increases your water consumption.

The benefits of yoga go beyond the physical body. Yoga reduces stress, tension and anxiety. It also promotes improved concentration, determination and mental focus. Yoga offers a sense of calmness that assists with emotional stability. Overall, a great sense of self-awareness comes with the practice of yoga and can be applied to many areas of your life to promote a better quality of life.

How often should I practice?

In order to achieve the benefits of yoga, it is recommended that you practice at least once a week. That being said, practicing any more than that will improve your results and allow you to feel them more quickly. Yoga will feel good no matter how often you do it but to achieve specific results a program will be recommended to suit your needs during your consultation.


What do I need to begin?

To begin, I will provide you with your yoga props. This includes a yoga mat, yoga blocks, a strap and a blanket if needed for your practice. Overtime, you may find yourself wanting to acquire your own yoga kit. This can be purchased through me and will be delivered to you at your next scheduled booking. Please wear comfortable clothing: preferably something with a little bit of stretch and that isn't too baggy. You can start with what you already own and invest in more specific clothing later.

Why are you supposed to refrain from eating two to three hours before class?


Your yoga practice will require you twist, be upside down and bend both forward and backward. Therefore if you've not yet digested your food, your practice can become very uncomfortable. If you are very hungry before your practice and have an active digestive system you could eat a light snack such as yogurt, nuts or juice about 30 minutes to an hour before you practice. You can also make sure to pack a snack to eat directly after your practice to ease your mind.

What if I have a previous injury or physical condition that might make yoga a challenge?

Yoga is very flexible and you will be given props and modifications that will make it simple for you to work with or around an injury or physical condition. We will discuss this and other relevant information about yourself in our consultation before your program commences. You are welcome to complete your consultation over the phone or through e-mail if that is more convenient for you.

What forms of payment do you take?

Payment can be made with a check made out to Purusha or an e-mail money transfer. Packages must be paid for in full prior to booking your appointment.


What is the Return Policy?

Gift Certificates do not have cash value. Packages expire one year from the date of purchase. Packages cannot be refunded. If you are unsure about your commitment you can do your first class and decide then if you'd like to pay for the one or purchase the package for added value. 


Is there parking?

For on-site bookings, a 'Green P' is located on Charles one block north of the studio or Isabella, one block south of the studio. Both are on the east side.