Stank Yoga Clothes & What To Do About It

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So I have been practicing hot yoga for 10 years and I am still frustrated with this situation. Depending on how often you practice this issue may be better for some than others. Personally, on any given day I may teach 5 hot yoga classes, practice one and go for a run. That is 7 disgusting, sweaty outfits. Thankfully I have en suite laundry. I kiss the machine daily. In a dream world I would have 3 times as many outfits as I do now so that I am not left to wash everything daily. As soon as the dryer cycle finishes the clean goods are back at it. 

Anyway, enough about me. 

After researching other peoples methods and comparing them with my own the general consensus seems to be:

1. Use additional products with your laundry detergent. 

a. Pretreat your clothes with Oxyclean. I have used Oxyclean and I think it's great.

b. 1/2 cup of Borax can be used as a natural deodorizer. 

c. 1/2 - 1 cup of White Vinegar will kill lingering bacteria. 

These ingredients will need to be combined thoroughly with your detergent before adding your clothing so run the wash for a couple of minutes before you toss in your gear.

2. A Conscious Effort

a. Do not leave your clothes in a dark, damp dungeon. Ie. Your gym bag, a plastic bag, a closed hamper or a hidden corner of the house where no one can judge you.

b. Place hooks somewhere that makes sense so that when you undress or get home from class you can hang the clothes to air dry if they are not being immediately washed. Bacteria loves humidity so don't let those clothes stay wet, whether right out of hot yoga or coming from a run or the gym.

c. If you find yourself packing your bag the next day only to see your stank clothes in a ball because you forgot the above steps, let the horror out of your system and wash that sh*& in warm or hot water. (If the material allows.)

Don't feel like a horrible human being when this happens because it will happen at some point. Just hope that no one else finds that bag. One time my boyfriend did and I wanted to crawl in a hole and die.  I have now embraced my sweat life and it is a rare moment I am not in spandex sweating. 

3. Wardrobe

a. As I mentioned above, I am aware I could use some more clothing in my rotation and I am working on it. However, if your lifestyle keeps you on your mat or working out almost daily then you need to afford yourself the opportunity to add to your sweat life wardrobe. When clothes are on an effective rotation they will last longer. Perhaps you should budget a certain amount per month that you can invest in your spandex wardrobe. Lululemon's Online store has a great 'We made too much' section where you will find clothing at a reduced price. Also, did you know Lululemon has a sale rack? Go to your nearest Lululemon store and ask them when they put out their sale rack and be the first guy there. If this is still outside of your budget, visit your local Winners or Marshalls. They have tons to choose from. You can also check craigslist for girls selling off their sweat life clothes. Lots of it hasn't even been worn. It's unfortunate that they never got around to getting their sweat on but that's not your problem. Get those clothes!

b. If you can, hang your workout clothes to air dry. You can buy a drying rack at Canadian Tire or similar stores. Or you can just hang them randomly around your apartment and avert your eyes from the clutter until they dry. Your clothes will keep their elasticity and colour much better. 

c. You could simply wear less. Are you wearing a sports bra and a shirt to hot yoga ? Lose the shirt. Everybody's doing it. You'll get a great visual on your core, it will remind you to use your core in your standing poses and now you have an extra article of clean clothing. Please note: everybody's skin pudges in twists and forward folds. It's not just you.

Additional Tips if you so please.

a. It was noted to pre-rinse your sweaty clothes in water before washing with detergent as well as various other combinations of multiple washes. Sure, if you find yourself in an "I left my clothes to rot for a week' emergency then fine,but on the regular, that is a lot of water and washing. 

b. Put clothes in the freezer to kill bacteria. Be sure to let them air dry first. This feels a little too close to that saying, "Don't sh*# where you eat" so I think I'll pass but to each their own. 

c. Mystery German Miracle. Man, the Germans really know how to make things. Apparently this detergent makes your clothes smell like new. It's added to the rinse cycle like a fabric softener. If you find this, please share your treasure. Sagrotan Hygienespueler. 

If you have more tips please share them !