Shannon Stasyk

For years I couldn’t help but assume that whatever job I took on should be difficult. As I searched I thought it was okay for my job to feel as though I was going against the grain. And that eventually it would feel right, right?

Then it dawned on me. People had been telling me for years to "Do what you are good at, do what comes naturally!” All of my life I have motivated both myself, and those around me to try harder and to become more and to explore both inside and out. Now, I have made this my job.

I became a full time practitioner 10 years ago. I have since moved on to do my 200 hour RYT with Yoga Works. I graduated in December 2011 and have been steadily teaching since. In teaching yoga I have the opportunity to always be changing; to grow and become the best version of myself. And I get to share this with my students.

Professionally, I am known for my energy and ambition. I make people feel comfortable and confident. Students feel that they have the space to let go around me. They welcome adjustments during class, explore poses more adventurously and look forward to staying after class to inquire about their experiences. 

I have worked with all ages and levels. Beginners enjoy my approach as I give them the space to discover their practice. Advanced students enjoy the variety in my classes and appreciate being introduced to new poses.

I am passionate about yoga’s infinite possibilities. Before I started practicing yoga, I was the type of person that had to complete something, to reach the finish line and find closure in all of my activities. Then I discovered Yoga. Yoga will never end. It’s an adventure that will last forever and knowing that brings me great peace.

I am someone who makes people feel a little bit more like themselves. If you are looking for the encouragement and confidence to try something you have never done before and to find comfort in discomfort, then get ready to start your yoga journey.



It’s never too late to be who you might have been.
— George Eilot